A case on laundering a billion rubles has been initiated against FBK Navalny

Alexei Navalny releases investigation into Vladimir Putin’s wealth

His defendants face up to seven years in prison

The Investigative Committee of Russia opened a criminal case against the Anti-Corruption Fund of Alexei Navalny "on the performance of financial transactions with funds, knowingly acquired by other persons in a criminal way".

According to the agency’s website, the case was initiated on the basis of materials received by the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, according to which about a billion rubles were legalized in FBK.

According to the investigation, "from January 2016 to December 2018 persons related to the activities of a non-profit organization "Anti-Corruption Foundation", including employees of the fund, received a large amount of money in rubles and foreign currency, which "third parties" deposited through Cash-in and Recycling ATMs in Moscow to the settlement accounts of several banks". The UK states that "all necessary measures are being taken to establish the identities of all accomplices in the crime and to arrest them".

By article "Legalization or laundering of funds acquired by a person as a result of a crime committed by him" defendants in a criminal case face up to seven years in prison.

On the eve of the preparation of criminal cases against employees of the Anti-Corruption Foundation, the newspaper reported "Project".A case on laundering a billion rubles has been initiated against FBK Navalny According to media reports, before that the police checked the bank accounts of Alexei Navalny, the head of his headquarters Leonid Volkov, the former director of FBK Roman Rubanov, as well as several employees of the fund, including Ruslan Shaveddinov.

Leonid Volkov, commenting on this information, said that law enforcement officials want to announce "money laundering" donations to the foundation that went through his accounts. He is sure that in this way the authorities want to make it impossible to finance Navalny’s regional headquarters..

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