A criminal case was opened against Leonid Volkov for involving teenagers in protests

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A criminal case was opened against Leonid Volkov for involving teenagers in protests

The investigation claims that the oppositionist urged minors to go to uncoordinated actions

The Investigative Committee opened a criminal case against the head of the network of regional headquarters Alexei Navalny, Leonid Volkov, on involving minors in uncoordinated actions. This was reported on the website of the department.

The case was initiated under the article on persuading minors to commit illegal actions using the Internet.

According to the investigation, Volkov, knowing for certain that the protest actions on January 23 were not coordinated, a few days before they were held, he posted publications on YouTube “with calls for minors to participate in unauthorized rallies.”.

On January 21, Volkov published only one video on his personal channel, entitled “How do we get Navalny out of prison?”, In which he called to take to the streets and demand the release of Navalny. At the same time, Volkov did not say anything about age, but only noted that every person is needed.

The day before the rally on January 23, the Ministry of Internal Affairs claimed that Volkov had given “instructions” to the headquarters coordinators “to maximize the involvement of young people, including underage citizens”.

On January 27, on his Facebook, Volkov urged parents of minors to ask the teenagers to stay at home, and not go to the next protest rally, which is scheduled for January 31. He called the involvement of children in politics a “fictitious topic ”, In which the authorities accused Alexey Navalny and his associates, and the children’s indifference to what is happening in the country is“ normal ”.

Leonid Volkov left Russia in August 2019 after rallies for fair elections to the Moscow City Duma.

On January 23, mass rallies took place in Russia in support of Alexei Navalny, who was arrested after returning to Moscow from Berlin, where he received treatment after being poisoned by Novichok. More than 3.8 thousand people were detained at the actions, including teenagers.

On the eve of the protests, the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case under the article on the involvement of minors in the commission of unlawful acts.

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