Access to Times Square in New York closed on New Year’s Eve

Times Square 2021 Ball Drop in New York City: full video

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On Thursday, the entrance to Times Square in New York was closed. Only a small group of invited guests, including paramedics and other professionals on the front lines of the pandemic, will be allowed in to watch the traditional New Year’s ball fall across the city’s main square..

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said everyone else should stay at home and watch the New Year’s program on TV. Like other American cities, New York City has many festive events online..

Usually on December 31, tens of thousands of people fill the neighborhoods around Times Square, stand for hours in the cold, waiting for the crystal ball to slowly descend in the last seconds of the year..

This year, the police will only allow a small number of masked people into the square. Among them – the singer from the Bronx Jennifer Lopez and Gloria Gaynor, who is to perform her classic hit “I Will Survive”, as well as several dozen medical and other city workers who support the life of the metropolis in the midst of a pandemic.

Organizers invited a grocery store worker, doorman, pizza delivery man, and doctors and nurses to the plaza, including Sandra Lindsey, a New York City nurse who became the first coronavirus vaccine recipient in the United States after testing the drug earlier this month..

More than 25 thousand New Yorkers died from coronavirus infection in the past year.

“In fact, this will be perhaps the most special, brightest and most exciting New Year’s Eve,” Mayor de Blasio told reporters, who on New Year’s Eve will press the button to start the descent of the crystal ball. “In 2021, we are going to show how the return to normal life will go.”.

As daily numbers of infections remain disappointing in the United States, bars, restaurants and other crowded places are closing or operating under severe restrictions..

In Las Vegas, Boston, other cities, holiday fireworks were canceled.Access to Times Square in New York closed on New Year's Eve The organizers of the annual First Night Arts Festival in Boston on New Year’s Eve staged six hours of online music broadcast.

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