Airstrike on rebel base in Syria killed dozens of people

Observers and opposition say Russian forces attacked

Observers on Monday reported an airstrike against a training camp in northwestern Syria, which killed over 50 rebel fighters; over 90 were injured.

The UK-based Syrian Human Rights Observatory reports 78 deaths, while a Syrian opposition spokesman says the death toll is closer to 50.

Supervisory Board and Syrian opposition say the airstrike was carried out by Russia, which supports the Syrian government.Airstrike on rebel base in Syria killed dozens of people The attack hit the military training camp of one of the largest opposition groups, Failak al-Sham, in Jabal al-Dweil in northwestern Idlib province, the last rebel enclave in Syria. The camp is located near the border with Turkey.

Operations to find survivors are still ongoing, the council said. Youssef Hammoud, a spokesman for Failak al-Sham, said that among those killed were the leaders of the camp.

National Liberation Front rebel group spokesman Naji al-Mustafa said she intends to respond to the attack.Airstrike on rebel base in Syria killed dozens of people He called the airstrike a “crime” by Russia and threatened to retaliate against government and Russian positions..

Earlier this year, Turkey and Russia agreed to a ceasefire in Idlib to stop the government’s offensive that has forced hundreds of thousands of people to flee their homes. But the truce remains shaky.

Russia agreed with Ankara to deploy observer groups in rebel enclave.

Last week, Turkish troops evacuated one of their largest military bases in the area, which had been surrounded by Syrian government forces for several months. Syrian opposition forces said it was part of the redeployment of Turkish forces to a shrinking enclave.

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