Al-Shabab militants suspected of killing three teachers in Kenya

Kenya school attacked by al-Shabab, several children killed

This is the second attack on a school in January attributed to this terrorist group.

NAIROBI – Kenyan police suspect al-Shabab militants of killing three teachers in Garissa district in the north-east of the country on Monday night.Al-Shabab militants suspected of killing three teachers in Kenya This is the second attack on a school in the area in two weeks..

Police claim teachers were killed when an unknown number of armed men, believed to be members of Al-Shabab, attacked a school in Garissa district, near the border with Somalia.

Police spokesman Charles Owino said gunmen also attacked the police post, but none of the officers was hurt.

“Today at about 2 am armed people, supposedly militias "Al-shabab", attacked an elementary school in Kamut, next to a police post. They tried to destroy the telecommunications mast and killed three teachers, ”he said..

Owino says Kenyan police officers were mobilized to pursue attackers.

This is the second attack on a school in Garissa this month attributed to this terrorist group..

On January 7, at least four students were killed and four others were injured when alleged Al-Shabab fighters attacked another primary school in a remote village in the district..

At first, the police reported that one of the victims was a teacher, but then corrected the information, indicating that all the victims were students..

The similarities between the two attacks can be traced in the fact that the attacks were located near the schools of security posts and telecommunication towers..

Over the past month, Al-Shabab has been accused of attacks that have killed at least 23 people in northeastern Kenya and coastal cities..

A daring jihadist attack on a joint Kenyan-American military base in Lamu on January 5 ended in the death of three Americans and the injury of at least two others.

Al-Shabab terrorists frequently raid civilians, security facilities and telecommunications towers along the border with Somalia.

The group demands that Kenyan troops leave Somalia, where they are helping the Somali government to provide security and fight Al-Shabab.

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