American countries use mutual assistance treaty against Venezuela

The treaty allows member states to prosecute Venezuelan officials included in &# 171; blacklist&# 187 ;, and freeze their assets

American states voted to use a regional defense treaty against Venezuela in response to a request from the United States seeking to overthrow leftist President Nicolas Maduro.

Earlier this month, the US invoked the Inter-American Mutual Assistance Treaty, condemning Venezuela’s “belligerent” moves.

Washington highlighted Venezuela’s alleged support for Colombian armed groups that rejected the peace agreement, as well as the movement of Venezuelan troops during exercises near the border.

During the meeting on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, the parties to the treaty, with 16 votes in favor and one against, supported the implementation of the treaty. This was announced by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Colombia Carlos Olmes Trujillo.

The treaty will allow member states to identify and take action against individuals and entities of the Maduro regime “involved in the activities of criminal networks,” Olmes said..

According to him, in accordance with the treaty, the participating States can prosecute or extradite blacklisted officials or freeze their assets..

Uruguay became the only country to vote against. Trinidad and Tobago abstained.American countries use mutual assistance treaty against Venezuela Cuba did not vote as it does not participate in the treaty, although it never formally withdrawn from it.

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