American general expresses alarm at increased activity of Russian submarines

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American general expresses alarm at increased activity of Russian submarines

Todd Walters also warned of China’s tightening control over European ports

WASHINGTON – US Commander for Europe warns of huge Chinese investment in European ports and increased activity of Russian submarines outside Europe.

US Air Force General Tod Walters, head of the US European Command and Supreme Allied Commander for Allied Forces Europe, speaking to the Senate Armed Services Committee, said that “China has access to 10 percent of the right to sail to and from Europe.”.

“This is very disturbing,” Walters said. “When you control the ability to accept and regulate resources, you have a great impact on the real situation on the continent in terms of effectively maintaining peace and security.”.

Walters told lawmakers that China is investing in “economic majority” in ports across Europe, including NATO member countries Belgium, Italy, France and Greece.

According to the general, European allies were surprised and worried by the extent of China’s involvement in seaports..

“Most of the time … alertness is heightened as soon as we get past the learning stage,” Walters said..

The military leader also echoed concerns about Chinese Huawei’s 5G wireless technology, which were discussed in Munich last week by US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg..

Walters Confirms Huawei’s Use of 5G Technologies as an Intelligence Threat to the US Military in Europe.

“Without adequate network protection, there is a threat of technical and personal data being compromised,” Walters said..

In addition to concerns about China, Walters also expressed dismay over the activity of Russian submarines, a threat that prompted the re-establishment of the US Navy’s Second Fleet in 2018 to protect the North Atlantic..

According to Walters, between the summer-fall of 2018 and the summer-fall of 2019, the US military noticed “a 50 percent increase in the submarine resources that Russia allocated” to submarine patrol operations outside Europe..

“This observation is another consideration on the importance of further improving our competitiveness so that we are guaranteed the opportunity to operate in freedom,” Walters told lawmakers..

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