Arkady Rotenberg said he owns a “palace” near Gelendzhik

Arkady Rotenberg said he owns a'palace' near Gelendzhik

Alexey Navalny claims that the real estate belongs to the Russian president

Businessman Arkady Rotenberg in an interview with the telegram channel Mash said that he is the owner of the “palace” near Gelendzhik from the investigation of the Anti-Corruption Foundation.

According to Rotenberg, he is the beneficiary. The businessman noted that the project previously had many creditors. “This is a find. The place is gorgeous, ”said Rotenberg. The businessman clarified that an apart-hotel is being built on Cape Idokopas. It should open within two years.

Attention to real estate near Gelendzhik was attracted by the film by Alexei Navalny. The investigation claims the “palace” belongs to President Vladimir Putin. The estimated cost of the building is estimated at 100 billion rubles.Arkady Rotenberg said he owns a'palace' near Gelendzhik There is a no-fly zone and a strict visiting regime in the area of ​​the object. Putin denied involvement in the building, saying it was owned by private companies.

Rotenberg, answering the question why, after the release of Navalny’s film, did not say that he is the owner of the “palace”, stressed that he did not want a scandal and planned to make an announcement after the completion of construction.

  • After the release of Navalny’s film, several Russian media outlets published their materials at once.. "Jellyfish" referring to the workers employed at the facility, she wrote that the building is being built in the interests of Vladimir Putin. Mash on January 29 showed a video of "palace". It claims that the recording was provided by a technical supervisor. The plot of "Putin’s palace" filmed and the TV channel "Russia 1". In the plot, the structure is named "unfinished apart-hotel".
  • Arkady Rotenberg is a longtime acquaintance of Vladimir Putin. In their school years, they practiced sambo and judo with the same coach. He himself said that his friendship with the president "time-tested".
  • Rotenberg is on the US sanctions list. One of the businessman’s companies was engaged in the construction of the Crimean bridge after the Russian annexation of Crimea.
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