AstraZeneca suspends COVID-19 vaccine trials

AstraZeneca suspends COVID-19 vaccine trials

The company said that this is a normal procedure that is used when a test participant develops a potentially unexplained illness.

One of the coronavirus vaccine companies, AstraZeneca, has suspended clinical trials to investigate an adverse reaction in one of the UK trial participants.

It is unknown how long this break will be..

Sometimes, during the tests, reactions are observed that are purely coincidental, but if they are serious enough, the researchers suspend the tests until a full investigation.

“We are trying to accelerate the analysis of a single event to minimize the potential impact on test timing,” AstraZeneca said on Tuesday..

The company is testing a vaccine originally developed at Oxford University.

“This is a routine procedure that is performed every time one of the trial participants develops a potentially unexplained illness,” the statement said..

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