At least 10 soldiers killed in Taliban attack on military base in Afghanistan

Taliban attack military base in Afghanistan, killing 3

Other estimates put between 17 and 26 Afghan soldiers killed in the attack.

Taliban militants attacked a military base in southern Afghanistan, killing at least ten soldiers and wounding four others.

The Afghan Defense Ministry said in a statement on Saturday that the bombing and gunfire attack took place early Saturday morning in Helmand province, much of which is controlled by the Taliban..

Omar Zvak, a provincial administration spokesman, told Voice of America that the attackers first detonated a bomb and then broke into a base in Sangin County. The fighting between the military and the Taliban continued for several hours, resulting in casualties on both sides. Zvak did not go into details of the incident..

A local government source, on condition of anonymity, told VOA that in fact 17 soldiers were killed and six were injured as a result of the Taliban attack..At least 10 soldiers killed in Taliban attack on military base in Afghanistan According to local media, the Taliban dug a tunnel leading to the base.

A Taliban spokesman said the militants seized the army post, killing 26 soldiers. As a rule, in the statements of the Taliban, the figures for the losses of the Afghan side are always exaggerated. Sangin District is tightly controlled by militants.

The Taliban have carried out several attacks this week against the Afghan military in various provinces, seizing territory and killing dozens of people. American soldier killed in attack in northern Kunduz province on Monday.

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