Barack Obama supports Joe Biden’s candidacy

Barack Obama supports Joe Biden's candidacy

Ex-president seeks to help rally the party ahead of elections

Former U.S. President Barack Obama spoke out on Tuesday in support of his Vice President Joe Biden in a bid to rally the Democratic Party ahead of the presidential election.

“The future of our country depends on these elections,” Obama said in a video message, adding, however, that it will not be easy to defeat Trump, who defeated former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2016..

Obama called on Americans to “continue to believe in the possibility of a better world” and to support Biden’s campaign.

Recall that on the eve of Biden was supported by his former rival in the struggle for the Democratic nomination, Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders, who ended his campaign last week.

Three years after the end of Obama’s presidency, he and his wife Michelle are still hugely popular in the Democratic Party..

Obama remained neutral during the tense struggle for the presidential nomination, although many candidates tried to associate themselves with him..Barack Obama supports Joe Biden's candidacy However, now that the primaries have effectively passed, the focus is on the need to rally the party ahead of the general election, and Obama is uniquely placed to help..

Obama reportedly played a key role in Sanders’ decision to withdraw from the race and support Biden’s candidacy.

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