Belgrade commemorates murdered Serbian politician in Kosovo

March in Belgrade in memory of assassinated Serbian politician

Belgrade commemorates murdered Serbian politician in Kosovo

Oliver Ivanovich was killed in January 2018

Hundreds of people in Belgrade lit candles to mark 1000 days since the assassination of a moderate Serbian politician in January 2018 and to demand more efforts to solve this crime.

Oliver Ivanovic was shot dead in front of his party’s office in the ethnically divided city of Mitrovica, a predominantly Serbian region in Kosovo.

Dragan Jilas, head of the Serbian opposition center-left Freedom and Justice Party, said Ivanovic was willing to “fight for Serbia’s interests, but also communicate with the Kosovar Albanians.”.

“It’s a shame that the Kosovo authorities, the Serbian authorities and the international community do not know anything concrete 1000 days after this politically motivated assassination,” Jilas told Reuters..

After a lengthy investigation, the Kosovo authorities indicted six people in connection with Ivanovic’s murder, but the Kosovo Court of Appeal ruled to reconsider the trial.

More than ten years after the declaration of independence of Kosovo, about 40,000 Serbs in northern Kosovo refuse to recognize the rule of Pristina and consider Belgrade their capital.Belgrade commemorates murdered Serbian politician in Kosovo Normalizing tensions with Kosovo, which declared independence from Serbia in 2008, is a key condition for Serbia to join the European Union.

Last month Belgrade and Pristina agreed to take steps towards economic cooperation within the framework of agreements signed at the White House.

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