Biden and Harris discuss infrastructure investments with Senators

President Biden and Vice President Harris Meet with Senators

The President promised to ask Congress &# 171; historical&# 187; amount for infrastructure modernization

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris meet with a bipartisan group of senators at the White House on Thursday to mobilize support for funding to modernize aging infrastructure..

Biden and Harris intend to discuss with lawmakers the “critical need” for infrastructure investment, White House officials said..Biden and Harris discuss infrastructure investments with Senators Transport Minister Pete Buttigiec will join the meeting remotely as he recently had contact with a person diagnosed with the coronavirus. The minister’s own analysis was negative..

Biden promised this month to solicit from Congress “historic investments in infrastructure and manufacturing, innovation, research and development, and clean energy.” Research has shown that nearly half of US roads are in poor or mediocre condition, and more than a third of bridges need repair or replacement..

Buttidzic told Reuters last week that the government needs to rebuild the transport sector after the pandemic “with an eye to the future, because all forms of travel are evolving.” “I think the 2020s will be the decade in which the fastest changes and transformations in our time will take place,” he said..

While the need for investment in infrastructure is considered one of the points of consensus between parties, Trump and Congress leaders during his presidency have not been able to agree on a major bill to repair and replace aging bridges, airports, water pipes and other projects..

In 2018, Trump unveiled an infrastructure development plan that proposed spending $ 200 billion on infrastructure over 10 years to spur $ 1.5 trillion in private sector investment. This plan was not even put to a vote in Congress. Last year, the White House drew up a $ 1 trillion infrastructure spending plan, but the administration never released it..

Funding for new infrastructure projects has become a key topic of controversy after Congress in recent years abandoned a multi-year policy of using fuel tax revenues to fund infrastructure repairs. In 2019, Trump and Congressional Democratic leaders agreed on a plan to spend $ 2 trillion over a decade, but it did not provide for any new source of income..

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