Biden calls Trump’s refusal to admit defeat “outrageous”

Biden calls Trump's refusal to admit defeat'outrageous'

Meanwhile, Trump’s headquarters continues to challenge the election results.

WASHINGTON – President-elect Joe Biden denounced President Donald Trump for refusing to admit election defeat and allow the transition team to access key government information on the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s hard to imagine what’s in this man’s head,” Biden said of Trump. – I’m sure he knows he didn’t win.Biden calls Trump's refusal to admit defeat'outrageous' He will not be able to win, and we will take the oath on January 20 “.

“What he’s doing is outrageous,” he added, speaking to reporters after a videoconference with 10 governors, including both Democrats and Republicans..

Trump has yet to admit defeat. This prevents Biden from reading intelligence information about national security threats and gaining access to various government agencies..

Trump’s legal team, calling itself an “elite strike force”, said Thursday that election fraud was the result of a conspiracy between Democrats, a Canadian automatic voting system company, leaders of Venezuela, Cuba and China, Antifa and philanthropist George Soros..

“We cannot let these crooks steal the election from the American people,” said Trump’s leading lawyer, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani..

According to media reports, on Friday, the White House will visit two leaders of the Michigan legislature, which is controlled by the Republicans..

According to Reuters, citing several sources in Trump’s campaign, the president’s strategy is to persuade state legislators to declare him the winner and appoint alternate electors who will vote for him..

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