Biden expressed confidence in electoral victory

Biden Calls For Patience And Calm While Expressing Confidence He’ll Win | TODAY

Biden expressed confidence in electoral victory

US Presidential Candidate Calls Americans For Unity

Joe Biden, US presidential candidate from the Democratic Party, delivered a short speech from Wilmington, Delaware. He expressed confidence that he would win the fight for the White House, but did not claim victory, noting only that the numbers speak for themselves.

Biden stressed that as a result of the distribution of votes, he will receive more than 300 electoral votes – that is, he will win against Republican candidate Donald Trump with a noticeable advantage.Biden expressed confidence in electoral victory He also promised that every vote cast would be counted..

Biden also named four issues that he intends to focus on: the COVID-19 epidemic, the economic crisis, global climate change and systemic racism. He noted that the situation with the epidemic is worsening and expressed condolences to the families and friends of those who died from COVID-19. He pointed out that the situation in the country’s economy is difficult.

He also reminded Americans, who voted for Republicans, that they are allies, not enemies. “My responsibility as president is to represent the entire nation. I will work as hard for those who voted against me as I did for those who voted for me, ”he said, urging Americans to unite in the interests of the United States of America..

Earlier, US President Donald Trump warned Biden on Twitter that he should not announce his victory in the elections: “I can also declare this. Legal procedures have just begun “.

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