Biden promoted three more non-white women to key positions

Biden Introduces Nominees For Key Economic Positions | NBC News

President-elect has announced several more important appointments

WILMINGTON – US President-elect Joe Biden has announced several more candidates for key positions in his future administration.Biden promoted three more non-white women to key positions Among them were three non-white women.

Biden and Harris’ transition team said in a statement that Congresswoman Marcia Fudge will be nominated as minister.Biden promoted three more non-white women to key positions Housing and Urban Development, former UN Ambassador Susan Rice as Director of the Council on Domestic Policy, and House Budget Committee attorney Catherine Tye as US Trade Representative.

Fudge and Rice are African American and Tai’s parents immigrated from Taiwan.

Biden also appointed former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack as head of the Department of Agriculture, which he had already held for eight years under former President Barack Obama..

Denis McDonough, Obama’s White House Chief of Staff, Will Become Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

“These dedicated and outstanding civil servants will bring the highest levels of experience, compassion and honesty in solving problems and empowering the American people in the face of major challenges,” Biden said, promising that his appointees “will take over from day one.”.

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