Biden said he fully trusts his son Hunter

Biden Emotionally Speaks About Being Proud Of Son Hunter Overcoming ‘Drug Problem’ | NBC News

President-elect commented on tax investigation against his son for the first time

President-elect Joe Biden has expressed full confidence in his son Hunter, who announced last week that he is undergoing a tax investigation..

President Donald Trump has repeatedly accused Hunter during the campaign, calling the Biden family a “corrupt” family and a “criminal enterprise.”.

“We have a lot of trust in our son,” Biden said while speaking with his wife, Jill, on CBS’s Late Show With Stephen Colbert..

“I am not worried about any accusations against him. It used to hurt me. I think there is something unclean about these accusations, but…Biden said he completely trusts his son Hunter as long as everything is fine with him, everything is fine between us, too, “Biden said, touching on this issue for the first time since the investigation became known..

Colbert asked Biden if there was anything he could “sincerely” thank Trump for as president.

After a short pause, Biden replied, “There is something … The launch of the vaccine is a positive development. But overall he was a president who believed the key to his success was to divide us. “.

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