Biden to meet with head of White House COVID-19 vaccination program

President Joe Biden secures 200M additional Covid vaccine doses

Moncef Sloughi said on Sunday that the meeting is due next week.

White House chief coronavirus vaccine advisor said Sunday that President-elect Joe Biden is scheduled to meet with him next week..Biden to meet with head of White House COVID-19 vaccination program It is expected that the meeting will discuss the first activities for the distribution of the vaccine; first vaccinations are expected to be given later this month.

Moncef Sloughi, chief advisor to the Supersonic Speed ​​program, said he has not met Biden yet..

Moncef Sloughie, far right (archive photo)

Recall that the President-elect criticizes the vaccine distribution plan developed by the Trump administration.

“We’re really looking forward to … (meeting) because in reality everything is planned out as it should,” Slowey said on CBS’s Face the Country program..

Biden stressed last Friday that his team did not see the detailed plan for the distribution of the vaccine by state, developed by the Trump administration..

“There is no detailed plan … (which includes) how the vaccine is taken out of the container, into the injection syringe, and then into someone’s hand,” Biden explained..

He recalled that the process of distributing a vaccine that needs to be stored at a very low temperature is extremely difficult and expensive..

Part of the misunderstanding on these issues is due to the government’s plan to rely on state health departments, Sloughie said..

“However, there is a video, there are explanations – exactly how all this should be done. We plan to have all the additional materials – syringes, needles, applicators, “- said Slowey..

“I believe that there are plans and I am sure that we will clarify them in every detail..Biden to meet with head of White House COVID-19 vaccination program I hope that the transition team will understand that everything was planned well, ”he assured.

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