Biden: we need to “act fast” to help Americans

Biden vows to ‘act fast’ on coronavirus relief as he takes aim at Republicans

President believes that the new package of economic assistance should be approved as soon as possible

President Joe Biden said on Friday that his administration must “move quickly” to get a new economic aid package through Congress, even if Republicans oppose it, because many Americans are near “tipping point” and are desperate.

“I see tremendous pain in this country, many people are unemployed, many people are starving,” Biden said at the White House. “I believe that the American people are turning to their government for help right now … so I will act. I will act quickly “.

Biden said he needs bipartisan support for a $ 1.9 trillion package that will go towards spreading the coronavirus vaccine and providing Americans with economic assistance, including $ 1,400 in direct economic aid..

However, the president stressed that his priority remains to save the country, many of whose inhabitants are “at the limit”.

“I would like to do it with the support of the Republicans …Biden: we need to'act fast' to help Americans but they just don’t want to go as far as I think we should (go), Biden said, I truly believe that real help is on the way.

Early Friday morning, the US Senate approved the Democratic budget plan. This is believed to allow the Biden administration to push for congressional approval of an economic aid package soon..

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Biden: we need to'act fast' to help Americans

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