Biden will push for early action from Congress to combat COVID-19 pandemic

President Joe Biden’s full address on his Covid-19 response plan

The economic adviser to the president-elect said Biden would hold consultations with lawmakers on Thursday.

On Thursday, January 14, President-elect Joe Biden will press Congress to take early action to combat the coronavirus pandemic.Biden will push for early action from Congress to combat COVID-19 pandemic This was announced in an interview with Reuters by Brian Dees, an economic advisor to Biden’s transition team. Dis emphasized that this is primarily about the steps to rescue from the crisis caused by COVID-19, and secondly, about “recovery” measures in the field of health and infrastructure..

Brian Dees, who is to head the National Economic Council in the new US administration, said that Joe Biden plans to implement a two-stage economic program: “rescue” measures will go back to the first stage and will include sending citizens federal checks for 2 thousand .dollars. The second phase, which includes long-term measures, involves the implementation of the Build Back Better program, which Biden spoke about during the presidential race..

Biden’s transition team has already begun consultations with leading bipartisan lawmakers on the proposals, which are expected to be announced Thursday, Dees said..Biden will push for early action from Congress to combat COVID-19 pandemic In addition to federal checks, they imply an increase in allocations for nationwide vaccinations, population testing, identification of active foci of infection, as well as measures to quickly resume the work of most American schools..

“You will hear proposals from the President-elect to actively pursue [federal] financial assistance and, at the same time, to start making the investments required for reconstruction,” Dis said. “We need an immediate action package that completes what Congress started in December but didn’t finish. We need to urgently focus on making the investment needed to make the nationwide vaccination program effective. “.

Biden’s adviser also cited the latest unemployment report as a wake-up call, which saw the US economy lose 140,000 jobs in December, the largest number since April 2020. “I think the December labor market report is a signal for all of us that that it is necessary to take seriously the fact that the trajectory of the [spread] of the virus and the trajectory [of development] of the economy are not at all where they should have been, “concluded Brian Dees.

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