Biden wins New Jersey and Delaware primaries

Joe Biden Wins Democratic Primaries In New Jersey, Delaware

Biden wins New Jersey and Delaware primaries

Earlier, he had already received the necessary number of delegates to the party congress in his piggy bank to ensure the official nomination from the Democrats.

Intended Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden wins New Jersey and Delaware primaries.

Both States Postponed Voting Due to COVID-19 Threat.

By some estimates, Biden received 88.5 percent of the vote in New Jersey. In Delaware, his home state, he received 90.4 percent of the vote.

Delaware will send 21 delegates to party convention, and New Jersey – 126.

During the 2020 primaries, the former vice president has already received 2,144 delegates. At the same time, the candidate needs to enlist the support of only 1,991 delegates in order to ensure the nomination from the party.

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