Birx: hard to say if the US will be “closed” again

Birx: ‘Difficult to tell’ if U.S. will have to close again

Birx: hard to say if US will be'closed' again

A White House Working Group Member Says Authorities Are Preparing &# 171; to a potential fall issue&# 187;

White House Coronavirus Working Group Coordinator Deborah Birx found it difficult to answer the question of whether the United States will re-close due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking on the ABC Sunday program This Week, she said that in the coming months, the authorities will understand how to “maintain openness and security” while resuming public and business life..

“I want the American people to be very clear: we are preparing for a potential fall problem,” she said, adding that the authorities will focus on stockpiling personal protective equipment and ventilators, developing therapeutic methods and creating a vaccine..

Commenting on Trump’s claim that the US will remain open in the event of a second wave of COVID-19, Birx said they are “trying to figure out” how to “open safely.”.

“Hard to say,” Birx replied when asked if she would allow the country to be re-closed..

According to chief expert on infectious diseases Anthony Fauci, who is also a member of the White House working group, the second wave of coronavirus is “inevitable.”.

Birx said states need to scale up testing to track asymptomatic carriers of the virus that can infect others.

“We call for active, 100 percent testing of all residents and workers,” she said..

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