Blogger Yegor Zhukov impressed the public with his last word

Russian opposition activist hospitalized after attack outside his home

A Moscow student received a three-year suspended sentence for &# 171; calls for extremism&# 187;

Among the numerous political protestors that swept Moscow this summer, the eloquent 21-year-old student of the Higher School of Economics Yegor Zhukov stands out..

Zhukov’s YouTube channel has gathered an impressive audience. In a series of video blogs, the young man criticized President Vladimir Putin and urged people to go to protests throughout the country.

He was arrested on the night of 2 August. Since then, his videos have gained hundreds of thousands of views – as of December 5, more than 300,000.

Zhukov was threatened with up to four years in prison: the prosecutor’s office sought such a punishment for him on charges of publicly calling for extremism on the Internet. However, on Friday, the Kuntsevsky court somewhat mitigated the sentence: Zhukov received a three-year suspended sentence.Blogger Yegor Zhukov impressed the public with his last word He is also banned from working with Internet sites for two years..

Initially, he was accused of organizing riots in connection with participation in the protests. However, against the background of violent indignation of his supporters, the prosecutor’s office changed the charge..

Speaking with the last word, Zhukov gave a harsh assessment of the Russian judicial system.

“The state makes it clear: "Guys, scatter in your burrows and don’t interact with each other. Gathering more than two on the street is impossible, we will put you for a rally"”, – he said.

Zhukov joined the list of eminent personalities whose brilliant court appearances captured the imagination of the Russian public. Among them: poet and Nobel laureate Iosif Brodsky, Ukrainian director Oleg Sentsov, former Minister of Economy Alexey Ulyukaev.

The Russian political system has created economic inequality that, according to Zhukov, destroys the possibility of human well-being: 90 percent of the nation’s wealth is in the hands of 10 percent of the population..

“Our society is divided into two levels by an impenetrable barrier. All the money is concentrated from above and no one will give it away from there. Below – without exaggeration – there was only hopelessness, ”he said.

During the protests that raged on Moscow streets for several weeks in a row, police detained dozens of people. Most were released after being found guilty of minor offenses.

Speaking in court, Zhukov said that the state “dehumanizes” Russians, and this attitude “is emphasized every day by beatings with truncheons, torture in colonies, ignoring the HIV epidemic, closing schools and hospitals, and so on.”.

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