Brazilian Congress elects speakers of both chambers

Nancy Pelosi is re-elected as Speaker of the House with a narrow Democratic majority

The political future of President Bolsonaro depends on who becomes the speaker of the lower house.

On Monday, the Brazilian Congress began a vote to elect the speakers of the upper and lower houses of the legislature, which could be a test for the far-right President Jair Bolsonaro, whose political future will be in the balance..

Bolsonaro has personally participated in the political struggle to elect leaders in both houses of the legislature, seeking to improve his uneasy relationship with Congress and prevent 61 requests for impeachment..

The Speakers of the Senate and Chamber of Deputies, who are elected by their counterparts for two-year terms, are key figures in Brazilian politics and have the power to decide which law is put to the vote. The speaker of the lower house also has the power to accept or defer petitions to impeach the president..

Bolsonaro forged an alliance with a coalition known as the “Centrao” or “big center”, a loose coalition of parties traditionally prioritized to gain access to government jobs..

Senate elected speaker Rodrigo Pacheco, who is close to the leader of Brazil.Brazilian Congress elects speakers of both chambers In the lower house, the situation is different: Bolsonar’s candidate Arthur Lear is opposed by seven other candidates. The main challenge comes from Baleya Rossi of the Brazilian Democratic Movement, a candidate supported by the current speaker of the lower house, Rodrigo Maia.

The process of voting for the speaker in the lower house may drag on until early Tuesday morning.

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