Canadian representatives joined the investigation into the crash of the Ukrainian Boeing

Ukraine, Canada Demand Thorough Investigation of Boeing Crash in Iran

Canadians will take part in decoding and analysis of black boxes of the crashed plane

Representatives of Canada visited the crash site of the Ukrainian Boeing in Iran, which killed 57 Canadian citizens, and will soon study the wreckage of the plane. Canadian Transport Minister Mark Garneau said this on Wednesday.

Tehran has not yet granted Canadians access to the plane’s black boxes, Garneau said at a press conference in Ottawa..

Iran issued entry visas to the Canadian delegation. It includes two specialists from the Transport Security Council.Canadian representatives joined the investigation into the crash of the Ukrainian Boeing Now the Canadians are already in Tehran and are trying to find out how and why the Iranian military shot down a Ukrainian plane on January 8. As a reminder, the disaster killed all 176 people on board..

“They visited the crash site … Today, two investigators will examine the wreckage,” Garneau said..

“What the Iranians have told us is that we will be allowed to participate not only in decoding the [black] boxes, but also in their analysis,” added Transport Canada.

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