The structure of the US IDB was accused of being unprepared for possible violence during the elections

The report of the Inspector General of the IMB says that the agency responsible for voting security, prepared only to repel possible cyberattacks, forgetting about possible outbreaks of violence at polling stations. The Office of the Inspector General of the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said on Tuesday that officials from the Department’s Computer […]

Supreme Court upholds Trump’s immigration initiative

Supreme Court Upholds President Donald Trump Travel Ban | NBC Nightly News New rules prohibit issuing &# 171; green cards&# 187; immigrants who may need government support The administration of US President Donald Trump on Monday introduced a new immigration initiative, ordering to deny permanent residence to people who may need government assistance, including housing […]

Trump visits the Texas city of Alamo near the border with Mexico

President Trump visits Alamo, Texas to tout border wall President Seeks To Highlight His Administration’s Efforts To Combat Illegal Immigration US President Donald Trump on Tuesday visits the Alamo, Texas, near the border with Mexico. During the visit, he is expected to highlight his administration’s efforts to combat illegal immigration.. This is the president’s first […]

Pompeo in Thailand: negotiations with North Korean authorities in question

Pompeo arrives in Pyongyang for talks with North Korean officials Secretary of State will hold a series of meetings with colleagues from ASEAN countries WASHINGTON – US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo came to Thailand for the ASEAN summit, just hours before which North Korea conducted another ballistic missile test – the second in a […]

Official Kabul and Taliban signed an agreement on the procedure for further negotiations

U.S., Afghanistan’s Taliban sign peace deal to withdraw troops | FULL This is the first written agreement between the parties in 19 years The Afghan government and Taliban officials said on Wednesday that they had reached a preliminary agreement to intensify peace talks.. This is the first written agreement between the parties in 19 years. […]

Pompeo: attack on Saudi Aavia refinery – act of war

Pompeo says attack on Saudi oil field is ‘act of war’ Pompeo discusses with Saudi Arabia response to strikes on its oil facilities Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday called the attack on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest oil exporter, an "act of war". "This is an attack on an unprecedented […]

Obama criticized Trump at John Lewis funeral

President Trump says eulogy Obama gave at John Lewis’ funeral was’ terrible ‘ Farewell to Congressman and civil rights activist John Lewis takes place Thursday in Atlanta Former American leader Barack Obama on Thursday lashed out with his most harsh criticism of incumbent President Donald Trump on Thursday, denouncing the use of federal agents against […]

Saudi Arabia sentenced eight defendants in Khashoggi murder case

Five people were sentenced to imprisonment for 20 years, the other three – from 7 to 10 years On Monday, a Saudi Arabia court sentenced eight people to prison for the 2018 murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi at the Riyadh consulate in Istanbul.. Five people were sentenced to 20 years in prison and […]

Trump congratulates the US military on Christmas

WATCH: Trump calls troops on Christmas Eve The President noted the families of military personnel, naming them &# 171; the most wonderful people on earth&# 187; On Sunday, Christmas Eve, US President Donald Trump held a videoconference with American military personnel, during which he thanked them for their service and the families of the military […]

Pompeo calls for an end to hostilities between Armenia and Azerbaijan

The US Secretary of State believes that a diplomatic solution to the conflict is possible, but the Armenian Prime Minister expressed a different point of view WASHINGTON – US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo joins other world leaders in calling for an end to fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh. However, the Prime Minister […]

Syrian Kurds discuss sanctions exceptions with US-led coalition

Syria: US-led coalition watching Kurds ‘bleed’ – Kobane outraged by Turkish Afrin op The regional administration emphasizes that the sanctions could have a detrimental effect on the north-eastern part of Syria Kurdish authorities in northeastern Syria are in talks with military allies in the international coalition, discussing a promised exemption from the US sanctions regime […]

Film “Zhakhar” about terrorist attacks in Boston will be shown at the Tribeca festival

Tribeca Film Festival kicks off with star-studded red carpet for Clive Davis documentary; Beverly jo The tape about Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was shot by classmates WASHINGTON –  Three years ago, on April 15, 2013, the entire world watched the action at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. One of the largest and most prestigious annual […]

Smugglers cut out fragments of a wall under construction on the border with Mexico

Human smugglers operate on US-Mexico border, as wall gets enhancements Trump said that he is not worried about this, since such breakdowns are easy to fix. Smuggling gangs cut through the “almost insurmountable” wall that President Donald Trump is building on the border with Mexico to keep migrants and drugs out of the country. However, […]

American astronauts return to Earth in SpaceX Dragon capsule

NASA Astronauts Return to Earth, Splashdown on SpaceX Dragon Endeavor In the event of a successful landing, the completion of the mission will mark the first splashdown of astronauts since 1975. Two NASA astronauts who arrived at the International Space Station (ISS) in a SpaceX rocket at the end of May return to Earth. Doug […]

The US, UK and Australian authorities ask Facebook to keep access to encrypted messages

This is the so-called end-to-end encryption An open letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, US Attorney General William Barr, UK Home Secretary Prity Patel and Australian Home Secretary Peter Dutton calls for the popular social media platform and similar companies to allow law enforcement to see “content when needed. in a readable and usable format […]

Rex Tillerson: Visit to Ethiopia

Rex Tillerson expected in Ethiopia on Wednesday Before the start of his tour in Africa, the Secretary of State noted the readiness of the United States to build a solid base of relations with the continent US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson arrived in Ethiopia on Wednesday, where he was greeted by Foreign Minister Vorkneh […]

Space drone X-37B will be launched into orbit on May 16

This Secret X-37B Plane Finally Landed After 780 Days In Orbit The device will launch a research satellite small FalconSat-8 into orbit The Pentagon has announced that the high-tech X-37B space drone will again go into orbit on its sixth secret mission this month, US media reported. According to the Air Force, the device will […]

Piano sounds – in the hospital

After her husband’s death, pianist Serlyn Rose decided to play at the Washington hospital for patients and doctors. WASHINGTON –  Every year, on the fourth Thursday in November, Americans gather at the banquet table to celebrate Thanksgiving. One of the traditions of the holiday is charity. Our next story is about the pianist Serlene Rose, […]

Al-Shabab militants suspected of killing three teachers in Kenya

Kenya school attacked by al-Shabab, several children killed This is the second attack on a school in January attributed to this terrorist group. NAIROBI – Kenyan police suspect al-Shabab militants of killing three teachers in Garissa district in the north-east of the country on Monday night. This is the second attack on a school in […]

Black Friday: After Turkey – Shopping

Friday after Thanksgiving is considered the start of the holiday shopping season. WASHINGTON – The Friday after Thanksgiving is traditionally the main shopping day of the year. Black Friday is seen as the start of the holiday shopping season, with US retailers generating a significant chunk of annual profits.. Many offer stores discounts to attract […]

Media: Trump spoke to lawyer Dershowitz at Christmas party

WATCH: Dershowitz warns against ‘existential dangers’ of impeachment | Trump impeachment trial Earlier it was reported that the president may include Dershowitz in his legal team before the impeachment trial in the Senate US President Donald Trump celebrated Christmas at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida with his family and guests, including lawyer Alan Dershowitz. Reported […]

US Embassy Baghdad comes under rocket fire

Rocket explodes near US embassy in Iraq In total, seven missiles fell on the territory of the Iraqi capital, most of which were aimed at &# 171; green area&# 187; where the American diplomatic mission is located Late Tuesday night, Iraq’s capital Baghdad came under rocket fire, with four rockets hitting the so-called Green Zone, […]

Supreme Court will investigate the legality of the administration’s plan to reverse the Deferred Action Program

This program protects against deportation 660 thousand immigrants brought to the United States as children The US Supreme Court will consider the legality of the Donald Trump administration’s plan to cancel the program that protects 660 thousand immigrants from deportation. All attention will be paid to Judge John Roberts when the court hears the arguments […]

Dragon capsule delivered cargo to ISS

Space X’s private space truck reaches station in two days Space X’s private unmanned space truck arrives at the International Space Station with several tons of cargo. American astronauts Jeff Williams and Keith Rubins on Wednesday morning docked the Dragon capsule with the ISS using a Canadian-made robotic arm. The capsule reached the orbital station […]

Saudi Arabia admits Khashoggi’s killing was deliberate

Saudi Arabia behind Khashoggi’s ‘deliberate, premeditated execution,’ report says According to media reports, the head of the CIA, while in Turkey, was able to get acquainted with the audio recording of the torture and death of a journalist Saudi Arabia again changed its explanation for the disappearance and death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi at its […]

“Sliding butt” is recognized as a machine gun

US Department of Justice intends to outlaw burst firing device Attorney General – US Attorney General Jeff Sessions said his agency intends to change federal rules to classify semi-automatic weapons equipped with “sliding butts” as automatic. The so-called “sliding butts” allow you to fire bursts of semi-automatic weapons. These stocks were used in a mass […]

Pompeo meets with the Prime Minister of Kosovo

Secretary Pompeo meets with Pres. Republic of Kosovo Hashim Thaci Secretary of State reaffirms Washington’s support for Pristina US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met in Washington with Kosovo Prime Minister Avdulla Hoti, the State Department said Saturday evening. The Secretary of State reaffirmed US support for Kosovo, and also supported the ongoing negotiations between […]

Police step up patrols in Jewish neighborhoods in New York after anti-Semitic attacks

Guardian Angels, Police Step Up Patrols After Anti-Semitic Attacks At least five attacks on Jews were reported in the city during Hanukkah celebrations New York police have increased their patrols in parts of Brooklyn, which are predominantly Jewish, after a series of attacks that may have been motivated by anti-Semitism during the Hanukkah celebrations. New […]

US demands to find and hand over remains of murdered Saudi journalist to his family

US Calls on Saudi Arabia to Return Jamal Khashoggi’s Remains to Family for Burial According to the Washington Post, Khashoggi’s body could have been dissolved in acid at the Saudi consulate. WASHINGTON –  The US authorities demand that the remains of the murdered Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi be found and handed over to his family […]

WHO and UNICEF sound the alarm on youth mental health

Why We Need to Re-Brand Adolescent Mental Health | Amber Cowburn | TEDxCambridgeUniversity Up to 20 percent of the world’s adolescents have mental health problems The World Health Organization and the United Nations Children’s Fund warn that the spread of mental health problems among children and adolescents is pushing young people into dangerous and self-destructive […]

Pompeo calls for US-Indian cooperation

US seeks closer India ties amid China threat US Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense arrived in Delhi to participate in the annual strategic dialogue with their Indian counterparts US and India must join forces to counter threats to security and freedom posed by China, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said ahead of […]

SpaceX hopes to start transporting astronauts to the ISS next year

2 SpaceX Starlinks Launch This Week, Another Soyuz Success, & Europa Clipper Goes Commercial! The company tests Crew Dragon capsules SpaceX could send American astronauts to the International Space Station next year if tests of the Crew Dragon capsule are crowned with convincing success. This was reported by NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine during a visit […]

US suspends training of local forces in Iraq in connection with missile strikes

The military said that all resources are directed to the protection of Iraqi bases where the coalition troops are stationed to combat &# 171; Islamic State&# 187; US-led anti-Islamic State coalition announced on Sunday that it will suspend training of local forces in response to missile strikes in Iraq. In the past two months, 13 […]

Pompeo: the Chinese Communist Party is “the central threat of our time”

At the same time, the secretary of state expressed confidence that Washington and London will be able to settle the differences over Huawei China is the central threat in today’s world, and the United States and its allies must ensure that the military and technological resources are available in order for this country to live […]

Pompeo condemns ICC’s decision to investigate Afghanistan

Pompeo: ‘Reckless’ for ICC to authorize Afghanistan war crimes probe | AFP The secretary of state called the move particularly irresponsible against the backdrop of the recently signed agreement between the US and the Taliban. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo criticizes the decision of the International Criminal Court of Appeals to investigate possible crimes […]

International coal celebrates first anniversary of territorial victory over IS

Coalition stresses that its work is not yet complete The US State Department issued a joint statement on behalf of the international coalition to fight the Islamic State on the occasion of the first anniversary of the territorial victory over the group. According to the statement, a year ago the coalition, together with local partners, […]

General Assembly established International Epidemic Preparedness Day

International Day of Epidemic Preparedness amid COVID-19: Ghebreyesus The resolution notes the need for international cooperation in the fight against crises in the health sector UN General Assembly declared 27 December International Epidemic Preparedness Day, seeking to learn from the current situation in the event of future health crises. The COVID-19 virus appeared in the […]

UNESCO Expands Qualification Passport Program for Refugees

UNESCO Qualifications Passport for refugees and vulnerable migrants: a presentation of the project The document is intended to help refugees continue their education or get a job The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) announced the expansion of the Passport Program to enable refugees and vulnerable migrants to continue their studies or work […]

Iran declared mourning for victims of earthquake that killed 430 people

According to the Iraqi Interior Ministry, 7 people died in this country from the earthquake on Sunday, about 500 were injured Iran has declared Tuesday an official day of mourning for the victims of Sunday’s powerful earthquake that struck a mountainous region near the border with Iraq. Earlier, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani planned to visit […]

Cases of more than 50 people involved in the attack on the Capitol went to US courts

The search for the attackers continues A federal court in the District of Columbia is considering charges against 13 people involved in the attack on the US Congress on January 6, 2021. About 40 more people are currently pending in the District of Columbia Superior Court. This was reported by the US Department of Justice. […]