China rejects version of the emergence of coronavirus in a laboratory in Wuhan

Coronavirus: UK probes Wuhan lab link theory

China rejects version of the emergence of coronavirus in a laboratory in Wuhan

The laboratory director called these assumptions &# 171; conspiracy theory&# 187;

China denies the possibility of a coronavirus outbreak that escalated into a pandemic in a biological laboratory, rather than as a result of animal-to-human transmission in Wuhan.

Director of the National Biosafety Laboratory in Wuhan Yuan Zhiming told the English-speaking state channel CGTN that the spread of the virus from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, in particular from its P4 laboratory, which works with dangerous viruses, is “ruled out.”.

He called a “conspiracy theory” hypothesis that the coronavirus originated in this laboratory, popularized by conservative supporters of US President Donald Trump.

White House Coronavirus Working Group Coordinator Deborah Birx, speaking on CBS’s Face the Nation program on Sunday, said that the source of the coronavirus is still a long way off..

“It will take time to track down this particular virus, to get scientific evidence of how this virus originated,” she said..China rejects version of the emergence of coronavirus in a laboratory in Wuhan “We know that it originated in China, but we don’t know how or where.”.

“I have no evidence that this was a laboratory incident,” she added. “I also don’t know exactly how he came about.”.

“The now generally accepted view is that there has been animal-to-human transmission,” she said..

US Vice President Mike Pence told Fox News on Sunday that China “has not been frank enough” about the December coronavirus outbreak..

But, referring to the question of his origin, Pence said: “In due time we will make appropriate inquiries.”.

Yuan Zhiming said none of the staff at his institute was infected, noting that the institution “conducts research in various areas related to the coronavirus.”.

Beijing has been criticized for lack of transparency in its response to the pandemic. US investigates possible origins of virus at Wuhan laboratory where Yuan works.

Official statistics on the number of infected people in Wuhan were questioned from the outset, given that the authorities often changed the counting criteria at the peak of the epidemic..

A few days ago, the Wuhan authorities admitted errors in counting the deaths in the city, increasing their number by one and a half times, to 3869 people.

While the origins of COVID-19 are unclear, some scientists speculate that the virus may have spread from animals to humans in a market in Wuhan..

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