Dozens of protesters detained in Minsk

Belarus protests: Masked men arrest dozens of women in Minsk | DW News

Actions against Alexander Lukashenko have been going on since August

In Minsk, police officers detained dozens of participants in a protest action by doctors who had gathered at the 1st Clinical Hospital, a few kilometers from the city center. This was reported by the Belarusian Service of Radio Liberty.

November 7, – this is a holiday in the country, – doctors planned to hold a solidarity action.Dozens of protesters detained in Minsk The detentions began almost immediately after the participants left the hospital building and began donning white coats. As of four o’clock in the afternoon in Moscow, 43 people were detained, according to the data of the human rights center "Spring".

On Saturday, a traditional women’s march was supposed to take place in the city, but the police began to detain its participants before they managed to get organized in an organized manner, human rights activists report. In addition, a Russian newspaper observer was detained there "MBH media" Roman Popkov.

Protest actions in Minsk and other cities of the Republic of Belarus have been going on for almost four months. They began after the presidential elections on August 9, which, as announced by the CEC, was won by Alexander Lukashenko. The opposition does not recognize these results, the re-election of Lukashenka, in addition, is not recognized by the EU countries and the USA.

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