EU will not participate in Russia-organized conference on Syrian refugees

Syria hosts conference on return of refugees

EU will not participate in Russia-organized conference on Syrian refugees

The head of European diplomacy said that the priority area of ​​work should be the creation of conditions for the safe and dignified return of refugees

The European Union said it will not participate in the Russian-sponsored international conference on the return of refugees to Syria this week.

UN and US officials criticize Russian-sponsored two-day conference in Damascus that opens on Wednesday.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Monday that relative calm remains in much of Syria, and the time has come when millions of Syrian refugees can return home and participate in the country’s reconstruction..

However, EU foreign minister Josep Borrell called the conference premature.

“The EU and its member states will not participate in this conference,” Borrell said..

According to him, the bloc believes that “the priority now is real action to create conditions for the safe, voluntary, dignified and sustainable return of refugees and internally displaced persons to their homes.”.

Ayman Susan, Assistant to the Syrian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriate Affairs, said that the conference, in particular, will be attended by representatives of China, Russia, Iran, Lebanon, UAE, Pakistan and Oman.EU will not participate in Russia-sponsored conference on Syrian refugees UN will attend as observer.

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