Exposer of Stalinism Yury Dmitriev acquitted under article on child pornography

Human rights activists believe Dmitriev’s case was fabricated due to his writings on Stalin’s crimes

Russian historian Yuri Dmitriev, who incurred the ire of the authorities by exposing the crimes of Joseph Stalin, was acquitted under the article on child pornography after a long struggle of human rights defenders for his release.

The prosecutor’s office accused Dmitriev of producing child pornography with the participation of his 11-year-old adopted daughter, as well as illegal possession of a fragment of a firearm and committing lecherous acts.

However, some prominent Russian cultural figures insisted that Dmitriev was set up because of his writings on Stalin’s crimes, which are at odds with the Kremlin’s position that Russia should not be ashamed of its past..

In their view, Dmitriev’s true crime is that he documented the events of Stalin’s Great Terror of 1937-38, during which, according to conservative official estimates, almost 700,000 people were executed. Dmitriev found a mass grave of the period, where there were 9,000 bodies.

Dmitriev’s lawyer Viktor Anufriev said on Thursday that a court in Petrozavodsk acquitted Dmitriev under articles on making child pornography and committing indecent acts.

Anufriev said that the defense managed to accomplish the task by 90 percent, since Dmitriev was acquitted under the most serious articles..

However, according to Anufriev, the same court found Dmitriev guilty of illegal possession of the main fragment of a firearm, which he denies.

Earlier, Anufriev said that Dmitriev had trimmed details, but they remained from an old hunting rifle, from which it was impossible to shoot. They also did not find cartridges for him..

The prosecutor’s office demanded a nine-year prison sentence for Dmitriev. Anufriev said that because of the sentence, his client will be restricted in freedom of movement for several months.

Dmitriev, who heads the local branch of the human rights organization Memorial, which documents the events of the Soviet era, was arrested on December 13, 2016. The police acted on an anonymous tip. A few days before, an unknown person entered Dmitriev’s house and gained access to his computer..

After that, the prosecutor’s office charged Dmitriev with making pornographic photographs of his adopted daughter.Exposer of Stalinism Yury Dmitriev acquitted under article on child pornography Dmitriev himself denies that the photos were pornographic..

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