FBI: provocateurs can take advantage of delays in the counting of votes

Why US Election Results May Be Delayed in 2020

FBI: provocateurs can take advantage of delays in the counting of votes

The media reported on possible Russian efforts to disinformation related to the US presidential election

The FBI and America’s top cybersecurity agency warned provocateurs could use the slow vote count in the November 3 elections to spread misinformation aimed at discrediting the results.

“Foreign actors and cybercriminals can create new sites, change existing sites, and create or share relevant content on social media to spread false information,” the FBI and the Agency for Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Protection said in a joint statement..

They noted that due to the expected massive mail-order vote due to the coronavirus pandemic, it may take local electoral bodies several days to fully count ballots and announce the results..

Negative actors could use this delay to spread information about alleged voter opposition, voter fraud, defective or compromised electoral infrastructure “to convince the public of the illegitimacy of the election,” the FBI and Cybersecurity Agency said..

Departments did not specify who they mean by negative subjects.

The Washington Post and the New York Times reported on Tuesday that Russian President Vladimir Putin and his top aides are “likely to be directing” a disinformation campaign that is aimed, in part, at diminishing the chances of Trump’s opponent, a candidate for office, according to a confidential CIA report. Joe Biden, Democratic Presidents.

The CIA declined to comment on these messages.

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