Former CISA head criticized the version of Donald Trump’s lawyers

Christopher Krebs named &# 171; farce&# 187; claims that U.S. election results were rigged by foreign powers

Christopher Krebs, former head of the Computer and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) under the US Department of Homeland Security, in an interview with CBS, called groundless allegations that voting machines used in the recent elections were manipulated by foreign states..

Sidney Powell, who was recently kicked out of Donald Trump’s lawyers, has put forward a conspiracy theory that machines built in Venezuela at the request of Hugo Chavez helped Democrats secure Joe Biden’s presidential election. She and other Trump supporters claim that the voting machines “passed” votes from Trump to Biden and that information about the US elections was stored on servers in Germany..

Krebs stated: “All votes cast in the United States of America were counted in the United States of America.Former CISA head criticized the version of Donald Trump's lawyers Dot “. He stressed that there is no evidence that any voting machine was manipulated by a foreign country..Former CISA head criticized the version of Donald Trump's lawyers Krebs called these claims “farce”.

Krebs, who previously called the elections “the safest in American history,” was sacked on November 17 by President Trump, who insists that he was the victim of rigging and that he, not Biden, won the presidential election..

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