Germany handed over materials of investigation of Navalny’s poisoning to Russia

Opposition politician plans to return to Moscow next Sunday, despite the risk of immediate arrest

Germany provided Russia with transcripts of conversations between representatives of the Berlin prosecutor’s office and Alexei Navalny, which were conducted as part of an investigation into the poisoning of a Russian oppositionist. This was announced on Saturday by a representative of the German Ministry of Justice, demanding that the Russian colleagues thoroughly investigate the crime..

The German Justice Ministry said that now Russia has at its disposal all the information necessary to conduct a criminal investigation into Navalny’s poisoning, including blood and tissue samples..

“The German government assumes that the Russian government will immediately take all necessary measures to investigate the crime committed against Mr. Navalny,” said a spokesman for the Ministry of Justice.

“This crime must be solved in Russia.Germany handed over materials of investigation of Navalny's poisoning to Russia This will require an investigation commensurate with the seriousness of the crime, ”added a spokesman for the German Ministry of Justice..

Navalny, who was undergoing treatment in Germany after attempting to poison him in August, plans to return to Russia on Sunday, despite the risk of arrest immediately upon arrival..

An opponent of the Kremlin accuses Russian President Vladimir Putin of ordering the poisoning of Navalny using a nerve agent of the Novichok type. Some supporters urge Navalny to stay outside Russia for the sake of his own safety.

Putin denies accusations that the Russian authorities tried to poison Navalny. Answering a journalist’s question, the Russian president ironically noted that if the authorities really wanted to kill Navalny, then the intelligence agents would have coped with this task.

The German Ministry of Justice reported that Navalny talked with representatives of the Berlin prosecutor’s office and gave them “detailed answers,” including questions posed by the Russian prosecutor general’s office. The transcripts of these transcripts are now in the possession of the Russian authorities. This was done in accordance with the European Convention on Mutual Legal Assistance, a ministry spokesman said..

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