Giuliani ready to testify in impeachment proceedings

Giuliani offers to testify at impeachment trial

The personal lawyer of the president played a key role in the story with Ukraine, because of which the impeachment process began

The personal lawyer of US President Donald Trump, Rudolph Giuliani, who is one of the key figures in the “Ukrainian scandal”, says that he is ready to testify during the impeachment trial and do everything possible to get the president acquitted.

“I’m ready to testify, hold demonstrations, lecture, take stock,” Giuliani said as he arrived Tuesday for a New Year’s reception at Trump’s Florida estate..

“Or I’ll do what I do best: I’ll handle the case,” Giuliani added..Giuliani ready to testify in impeachment proceedings “I don’t know if anyone will have the courage to hand over this case to me, but if they give it to me, I will handle it as a case of extortion.”.

Giuliani is not expected to Trump in the Senate proceedings represent. White House chief attorney Pat Sipollone is likely to be the president’s lead lawyer.

Giuliani’s testimony can be very informative. According to witnesses who spoke as part of the impeachment investigation in the House of Representatives, Trump instructed key officials to coordinate policy towards Ukraine with Giuliani, bypassing the State Department. Later, Giuliani traveled to Ukraine in order to find incriminating information about Democrat Joe Biden, who could become Trump’s rival in the 2020 elections..

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