Gulag specialist historian Dmitriev detained in Russia

The History of the Gulag (1929 – 1953) – The Soviet Labor Camps Under Joseph Stalin

Gulag specialist historian Dmitriev detained in Russia

For many years he was engaged in the search and exhumation of the graves of victims of Stalinist repression.

Russian historian and gulag specialist Yuri Dmitriev, who was cleared of charges of producing child pornography, has been detained again, his lawyer told AFP on Thursday..

His detention is seen as a serious blow to the human rights community.

The change in the position of the authorities in the high-profile case took place against the backdrop of “the most serious crisis with human rights in Russia since the Soviet era,” as the organization Human Rights Watch described the situation..

Dmitriev was detained on Wednesday “in connection with a new criminal case,” lawyer Viktor Anufriev told AFP.

According to him, a court in north-west Russia, where the historian lives, is to rule on the advisability of taking him into custody later Thursday..

Dmitriev, 62, whose prosecution has outraged human rights defenders and liberals, spent several decades searching for and exhuming mass graves of people killed under the Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin..

According to activists, the case against him was an attempt by the authorities to silence the brave historian who brought attention to one of the darkest chapters in Russian history..

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