Heiko Maas warns NATO of disinformation threat amid pandemic

Heiko Maas warns NATO of disinformation threat amid pandemic

The German Foreign Minister noted that some are using the situation for propaganda purposes, but did not name specific countries

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas on Thursday warned NATO members of the threat of using the coronavirus pandemic to spread “disinformation”, “propaganda” and “fake news”.

Speaking ahead of the teleconference with colleagues from the alliance countries, Mass noted that “some are using this situation for propaganda purposes”, trying to present themselves in the best light.

The Minister urged the European Union and NATO to take countermeasures to ensure that the information published is based on facts and is not “fake news”.

Maas did not name specific countries, however, according to Reuters, citing a document received last month, the EU claims that the Russian media have launched a large-scale disinformation campaign against the West in order to spread panic and cause distrust of the authorities..

According to Reuters, Moscow denies these charges..

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