Islamists kill 35 Syrian military personnel in two days

Fighting rages in northwest Syria; two Turkish troops killed

Islamists kill 35 Syrian military personnel in two days

Despite the defeat of militants in Baguz last month, Islamic terrorists continue to resist in Syria

Over the past two days, 35 Syrian army soldiers and members of pro-government militias have died in central Syria as a result of attacks by terrorists from the Islamic State. This is stated in a message published on Saturday by the Syrian Monitoring Center for Human Rights (SOHR).

While US-backed coalition forces succeeded last month in capturing ISIS’s last enclave in Baguz, remnants of Islamists entrenched in Syria’s remote and desolate regions continue to resist..

SOHR said the series of attacks carried out by terrorists over the past two days was the most significant IS operation since the defeat of militants in Baguz..

The largest attack occurred in the Al Qom area, north of the city of Palmyra. According to SOHR, Islamists killed 15 Syrian army fighters and members of friendly military formations there..

On Friday, the Islamist news agency Amaq published a report stating that ISIS fighters killed 20 Syrian soldiers during clashes in the Al Sukhna region, which lies between the cities of Palmyra and Deir ez-Zor..

Meanwhile, Syrian state publications did not report on attacks by Islamists or the death of pro-government forces in clashes with IS..

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