Joe Biden and Kamala Harris perform for the first time at the campaign event

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris appear together for the first time since VP selection | FULL EVENT

The day before, the Democrat candidate named Harris as his partner in the presidential race

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his campaign partner Kamala Harris first appeared together at a campaign event on Wednesday, August 12.

Speaking at Wilmington, Delaware High School, Biden praised Harris as a seasoned partner to help him implement his political campaign agenda.

“I have no doubt that I have chosen the right person to join me as the next Vice President of the United States of America, and this is Senator Kamala Harris,” Biden said, representing Harris..

“She is ready to do this job on the very first day. We are both ready to begin work to rebuild this country, ”Biden said..

The joint performance came just days before Biden officially becomes the Democratic presidential candidate. This decision will be taken at next week’s party convention, which will take place largely in virtual mode..

Republican convention, which will nominate Donald Trump for a second presidential term, will take place in a week.

Harris, a 55-year-old California senator, was formally elected in tandem with Biden after a lengthy selection process. Harris, the first black woman and the first Asian American to run for vice president, is the daughter of immigrants. Her father came to the USA from Jamaica and her mother emigrated from India.

Before the event, a small crowd of several dozen people gathered outside a school in Wilmington, holding placards in support of the Democrats. Although most were supporters of the Democrats, some of the rally were opponents of Biden..

Harris is considered a relatively safe choice for the Democratic campaign.Joe Biden and Kamala Harris perform for the first time at the campaign event Democrats will rely on it to help attract African American votes, who may be Biden’s most important constituency in states where the vote will be critical..

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