Kamala Harris is vaccinated against coronavirus live

Kamala Harris Receives Coronavirus Vaccine | NBC News

The transition team seeks to increase public confidence in vaccinations

US Vice President-elect Kamala Harris vaccinated against COVID-19 on Tuesday.Kamala Harris is vaccinated against coronavirus live In order to increase confidence in vaccination, it was decided to broadcast the process live on television..

Harris is the second highest ranking official from an ethnic minority to receive the vaccine. On December 18, US Chief Sanitary Doctor Jerome Adams was vaccinated.

President-elect Joe Biden, taking office January 20, has pledged to make tackling the pandemic one of his priorities. He received his first dose of the vaccine last week, which was also broadcast live on television. Two doses are required for full protection.

Biden’s team focuses on the importance of vaccinating non-white populations hit hardest by the virus.

Later Tuesday, Biden issues a statement on the country’s epidemiological situation after a briefing with his coronavirus consultants..Kamala Harris vaccinated against coronavirus live The President-elect will warn that the country is expected to see a rise in deaths and morbidity in the coming weeks, according to a spokesman for the transition team..

Biden and his team have repeatedly warned that it will take a long time to spread the vaccine to the public, and urge people to listen to the advice of medical experts to avoid infection..

Biden’s COVID-19 Advisory Board Member Dr Atul Gawande told CBS News that the transition team still does not have all the information needed to understand the vaccine distribution bottlenecks..

He also warned that the outlook for the current administration promising to vaccinate everyone by the end of June 2021 may be too optimistic..

Other Transition Team Members Raise Similar Concerns.

Dr. Vivek Murthy, who Biden is about to appoint as chief medical officer, told NBC News last week that a more realistic timeline for vaccinations to begin in the general population is mid-summer or early fall..

There are currently two COVID-19 vaccines registered in the US, one developed by Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech SE, and the other by Moderna. Several more vaccines are being tested.

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