Karpov may become a “foreign agent”

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Karpov may become a'foreign agent'

Former world champion and United Russia deputy Duma members charged with violating the law on NGOs

A group of State Duma deputies appealed to the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation with a request to check the International Association of Peace Funds, chaired by Anatoly Karpov, a parliamentarian from United Russia, for foreign funding. If, based on the results of the audit, the Ministry of Justice makes an appropriate decision, the organization will be charged with violating the law on NGOs..

The appeal, as reported by Izvestia, was soon followed by a proposal by the chess player to exclude from the “anti-tobacco” law the article “Prevention of illegal trade in tobacco products and tobacco products includes”, which, in particular, provides for control over the production of cigarettes. A group of deputies saw in Karpov’s proposal an attempt to lobby for the interests of the Peace and Harmony Foundation, which is indirectly related to him, which cooperates with Japan Tobacco Inc.

The authors of the appeal to the Ministry of Justice, in their own words, are concerned about the “health of the nation.” “We want to know the answer, whether it (the structure – ed.) Receives funding from abroad and whether it participates in the political life of the country,” United Russia deputy Alena Arshinova said in a comment to Izvestia.

“People should know which of the people’s representatives makes what amendments when discussing landmark bills,” added her party colleague Andrei Kolesnik. “We are not going to hide anything, moreover, we, members of the anti-tobacco coalition, lead a healthy lifestyle ourselves and want as many citizens as possible independent of tobacco in our country”.

The ex-world champion himself considers all the accusations far-fetched. “My decision to exclude Article 17 is explained very simply: Article 17 is meaningless, since upon ratification of the protocol it will be present in the protocol in full,” he explained. – The committee decided to leave and support it, but this is the right of the committee and the State Duma, although, I think, it is not entirely correct to pass the law and immediately begin to consider amendments to it ”.

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