Kuleba: Ukrainian borders remain open to Belarusian citizens

Ukraine / Belarus: Jewish pilgrims pitch tents waiting for Ukrainian border to open

Kuleba: Ukrainian borders remain open to Belarusian citizens

At the same time, Kiev promises to react toughly to any attempts by Minsk or Moscow to abuse this openness.

Ukraine said on Wednesday that its borders remain open to citizens of Belarus, but Kiev will be tough on any attempts by Belarusian or Russian special services to abuse this openness..

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba, speaking in Lisbon, said that any strengthening of Russia’s position in Belarus as a result of the crisis poses a threat to Ukraine’s national security.

“Despite the fact that the border of Ukraine is free and open for the citizens of Belarus, we will react firmly to any attempts to abuse the openness of Ukraine by Belarusian or Russian special services,” he said at a press conference in the capital of Portugal..

On Tuesday, allies of the Belarusian opposition leader Maria Kolesnikova said they tried to deport her to Ukraine, but she tore up her passport to avoid being forced to cross the border..

However, according to them, two other oppositionists were expelled by the Belarusian authorities to Ukraine..

“We have serious reasons to believe that these people did not enter Ukraine voluntarily,” Kuleba said..

According to him, Ukraine, which previously suspended contacts with Minsk, wants to see an independent, sovereign Belarus, where democracy and market economy flourish..

Kiev joins the European Union, condemning recent elections in Belarus as dishonest and unfair.

Kuleba: Ukrainian borders remain open to Belarusian citizens

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