Lithuania’s new government to support “freedom fighters” in Taiwan

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Lithuania's new government to support'freedom fighters' in Taiwan

The ruling coalition obliged the government to conduct &# 171; values-based foreign policy&# 187;

Members of Lithuania’s new ruling coalition have agreed to oblige the future government to support the “freedom fighters” in Taiwan, which could harm the relationship between this small EU country and China, a potential investor in its main port.

EU members and the bloc itself do not maintain official diplomatic relations with Taiwan due to objections from Beijing, which considers the island part of China..

However, the agreement of the ruling coalition of Lithuania obliges the new government to pursue a “foreign policy based on values”.

“We will actively oppose any violations of human rights and democratic freedoms, and we will defend freedom fighters around the world, from Belarus to Taiwan,” the coalition said..

The likely next Prime Minister of Lithuania Ingrida Simonyte said at a press conference that the new government “will pay attention to what is happening not only on our borders, but also around the world.”.

The outgoing Lithuanian government did not challenge Beijing’s “one China” policy towards Taiwan.

Lithuania's new government to support'freedom fighters' in Taiwan

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