Litvinenko’s widow for awarding the Peace Prize to Navalny and Ponomarev

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The widow of a former FSB officer Alexander Litvinenko calls for the award of the Nobel Peace Prize to Russian oppositionist Alexei Navalny and human rights activist Lev Ponomarev.

Marina Litvinenko’s petition to the Norwegian Nobel Committee is posted on In the text, Navalny and Ponomarev are named "two brave defenders of human rights and the rule of law in Russia", whose authorities are compared with the communists who ruled in the USSR. "Today’s Russian regime is no less repressive, anti-democratic and corrupt", – emphasized in the petition.

Litvinenko notes that Navalny, through his Anti-Corruption Fund over the past 10 years, has exposed "numerous cases of illegal enrichment of senior government officials", what has gained popularity "millions of ordinary people and incurred the hatred of the regime". This hatred, according to Litvinenko, culminated in an attempt to poison Navalny "secret police".

Regarding Lev Ponomarev, Marina Litvinenko writes that the movement he created "For human rights" – one of the few remaining places in Russia, "where disenfranchised citizens can turn in search of justice".Litvinenko's widow for awarding the Peace Prize to Navalny and Ponomarev Entry of a human rights defender into the register "foreign agents" Litvinenko calls the evidence of the effectiveness and importance of his activities.

Alexander Litvinenko, a highly critical Kremlin critic, died in London in November 2006 of poisoning with radioactive polonium. The British authorities believe that former KGB officer, now Russian State Duma deputy Andrei Lugovoi and his friend, businessman Dmitry Kovtun, were involved in the murder. They reject both accusations. Official Moscow also denies any involvement in the death of Litvinenko.

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