Locates 22 of 23 chemical weapons bases in Syria

Inside Story – Syria: Chemical warfare?

Locates 22 of 23 chemical weapons bases in Syria

No chemical weapons were found at the Aleppo base, the base was abandoned long ago, and its buildings were seriously damaged during the fighting.

International observers have confirmed the location of 22 of the 23 chemical weapons bases in Syria, and have also taken an inventory of their contents. The operation is carried out as part of the program for the destruction of Syrian chemical weapons.

On Thursday, experts confirmed that the Aleppo chemical weapons base has been out of operation for a long time, there are no weapons on it, and the buildings have been seriously damaged as a result of fierce fighting. Earlier, the Syrian authorities have already reported that this base has long been abandoned. They say the same about the last of 23 bases, the location of which has yet to be confirmed. The Syrian authorities say that there are no weapons at this base, and the military facility itself, as well as the base in Aleppo, has long been abandoned. This is what UN observers and staff of the Organization for the Prevention of the Proliferation of Chemical Weapons have to check..

The Syrian government has agreed to destroy all chemical weapons stockpiles by the middle of next year. The first phase of the program was completed last week. Within its framework, equipment was destroyed on which chemical weapons could be produced..

Syria is currently developing a detailed plan to destroy the existing arsenal. The plan must be approved by November 15.

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