Lukashenko: Belarus is not going to be part of “fraternal Russia”

Belarus crisis: President Lukashenko warns Moscow “if Belarus breaks, Russia is next”

The President stressed that Russia and Belarus do not conduct a dialogue on political issues

Belarus has never intended and is not going to become a part of any state, even fraternal Russia. President of the republic Alexander Lukashenko stated this at a meeting with deputies of the Belarusian parliament.

“And I don’t want to cross out everything that I did together with you, the people: I created an independent sovereign state to put it in a box with a cross at the top and throw it away or transfer it somewhere. This will never happen with me, “Lukashenka is quoted by the Pul Pervy telegram channel..

The President stressed that Russia and Belarus have not yet resolved a number of fundamental issues on oil, but the countries do not conduct a dialogue on political issues, for example, on the creation of a single parliament..

On December 7, Lukashenko will meet in Sochi with Russian President Vladimir Putin.Lukashenko: Belarus is not going to become part of'brotherly Russia' The media wrote that as a result of the meeting, an integration program between the two countries could be signed. It is not yet known what documents can be signed and other details of the negotiations..

At the end of 2018, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev announced Russia’s readiness to pursue a unified tax and pricing policy with Belarus under the 1999 union state agreement. The document provided for the creation of a common currency, courts and customs. Lukashenko then called the statement of the Russian prime minister "empty blackmail".

Critics of the Belarusian president believe new integration agreements with Russia threaten the country’s independence.

Today Medvedev at a meeting with journalists said that countries need to do everything to preserve the already existing high integration. According to the prime minister, the countries will not have to “sacrifice their sovereignty,” but any integration is a partial decrease in sovereignty..

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