Max Katz: My political hobby “eats” a lot of money

Another Lesson of 2016: Lots of Money Can be Raised On-Line

Local government deputy and poker player on politics, mayoral elections in Omsk and the game &# 171; not by the rules&# 187;

Max Katz – a blogger, poker player and most recently a member of the Moscow municipal council – has already been ranked among the new wave of Russian politics. At the same time, the 27-year-old deputy himself soberly assesses his current opportunities in the political arena and notes that he has an “inappropriate biography” in order to reach real political heights.

In an interview with Yulia Savchenko, Max Katz spoke about why he developed an interest in politics, about the rules he intends to play by, and why he decided to actively help in the promotion of fellow blogger Ilya Varlamov for the post of mayor of Omsk.

  • Yulia Savchenko

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