Michael Cohen’s Search Warrants Revealed

Michael Cohen search warrants mentioned Trump by name

Michael Cohen's Search Warrants Revealed

President Trump’s former lawyer drew attention of the authorities in connection with the investigation led by Special Attorney Mueller

Five search warrants issued as part of an investigation led by Special Attorney Robert Mueller into President Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen.

Orders were provided at the request of the media.

Based on these documents, one can imagine the scale of the investigation led by Mueller and see that there were suspicions of financial ties with Russia at an early stage of the investigation..

The documents show that the investigation was interested in the bank accounts of the company founded by Cohen, which was used to pay money for the silence of the porn star Stormy Daniels, who claimed that she was intimate with Trump..Michael Cohen's Search Warrants Revealed The president himself denies it.

Cohen said he paid the actress at the behest of Trump.

Apparently, prosecutors were particularly interested in payments to an account linked to Russia.

Cohen recently began serving a three-year prison sentence for various crimes, including perjury to Congress and financial misconduct..

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