Myanmar: Reuters’ verdict postponed for week

🇲🇲 Myanmar court postpones verdict in jailed Reuters reporters’ case | Al Jazeera English

Wa Lone and Zhuo So Woo, who investigated the murder of Rohingya Muslims in Ying Din village, charged with violating state secrets law

Verdict on two Reuters journalists arrested in Myanmar for alleged violations of state secrets laws due on Monday postponed to next week.

Presiding Judge Ye Win will not be able to attend due to illness, another judge said, who said the verdict would be delivered in exactly one week on September 3..

Journalists Wa Lone and Zhuo So Woo were arrested last December after meeting two police officers at a restaurant in Yangon who handed them a sheaf of documents. They were charged with violating the Official Secrets Act, enacted in 1923 when Myanmar was called Burma and was under British colonial rule..

Following Monday’s hearing, Wa Lone revealed that he and Jo So Woo are not afraid of the court’s decision.

“The truth is on our side, we did nothing wrong,” he said..

Journalists have covered a brutal military campaign in Rakhine State that has resulted in some 700,000 Rohingya Muslims fled across the border into neighboring Bangladesh since last August. They became interested in the story of the killing of ten Rohingya by police and soldiers in Ying Din village.

Military and civilian authorities prohibit most journalists and international observers from traveling in the area on their own.Myanmar: Reuters' verdict postponed for week They deny allegations of ethnic cleansing by the United Nations and the United States, but have prosecuted several soldiers in connection with the Ying Ding killings.

Reuters journalists face up to 14 years in prison if convicted.Myanmar: Reuters' verdict postponed for week Their case is seen as a test of the existence of press freedom and freedom of expression in Myanmar, which transitioned to democracy in 2016 after decades of repressive military rule..

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