NATO seeks to ensure stability in Afghanistan

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NATO seeks to ensure stability in Afghanistan

The alliance intends to make every effort to ensure the security of the presidential elections in this country

NATO hopes to bring stability to Afghanistan after collapse of peace talks with Taliban.NATO seeks to ensure stability in Afghanistan Voice of America correspondent Carla Babb reports from the Slovenian capital Ljubljana, where NATO chiefs of staff gathered.

It has been a challenging week for the peace talks on Afghanistan. After a car bomb exploded in Kabul that killed 12 people, including an American soldier, US President Donald Trump canceled secret talks with the Afghan President and the Taliban.

"[These negotiations] are dead," Trump said at the time. "As for my (opinion), they are dead.".

A few days later, the Taliban held talks in Moscow. Representatives of the movement told the Russian media that they can continue negotiations with Washington, but are ready to fight for 100 years.

NATO military leaders seek to address concerns over Afghanistan at a meeting of chiefs of general staff in Slovenia this weekend.

"There are many dramatic events associated with Afghanistan, and now we want to send a signal to NATO partners that the US remains committed, NATO remains committed and the mission continues," said General Todd Walters, Allied Commander of Allied Forces Europe.

The head of the NATO military committee, which includes the chiefs of staff of the alliance countries, Air Chief Marshal Stuart Peach, said that this commitment is unanimous..

“There are no differences on this issue,” he said. "The Allies take an absolutely firm and unified position, and today they have reaffirmed their commitment to the mission in Afghanistan.".

With Afghanistan’s presidential election just two weeks away, NATO’s commander expects violence to rise.

“The election will probably not be perfect, but we will plan and do our best to make it the safest and most secure election possible,” General Walters said..

Current Afghan President Ashraf Ghani says peace talks with the Taliban will not start until the Taliban declare a ceasefire.

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