Navalny gave the first video interview after being discharged from the hospital

Navalny makes first video appearance since coma, says health much improved

Russian opposition leader reiterated that he was poisoned at Putin’s orders

The Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny gave a more than two-hour interview to a prominent Russian video blogger. This is his first appearance on a YouTube video after being discharged from a Berlin hospital..

Navalny, 44, said his health had improved significantly and that doctors were surprised by the pace of his recovery..Navalny gave the first video interview after being discharged from the hospital At the same time, he noted that his hands were trembling, and that he was undergoing physiotherapy. Interview is dated Monday.

Navalny said his condition is improving every day.

“Everything will be very good and I will get better,” he said..

Speaking about his poisoning, Alexei Navalny said that it is not yet clear how exactly the poison got into his body. It is practically established that the poisoning occurred in the hotel – most likely, he touched some object on which the poison was applied, but to which, no one knows yet.

Yulia Navalnaya explained her decision to transport her husband abroad for treatment by “administrative pressure” and the fact that in Russia no one would tell the truth about the reasons for what happened to Alexei Navalny.

Navalny himself believes that in Omsk he most likely would not have survived, or irreversible consequences would have come to his health..

According to Navalny, he was not released from Russia for more than a day, because they expected that either he would die, or no traces of a toxic substance would be found in his body..

Navalny rejected one of the versions of the pro-Kremlin media about his poisoning – that he allegedly drank moonshine.

According to Navalny, the belongings in his room, including the bottle, on which the traces of Novichok were allegedly later found, were collected by the FBK to hand over to the doctors..

“They didn’t collect evidence, they took it just in case,” Navalny said..Navalny gave the first video interview after being discharged from the hospital According to him, no one expected that he could be poisoned by Novichok, and Navalny himself did not believe in it at first..

Navalny confirmed his version that he was poisoned at the behest of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and the FSB or SVR officers were most likely involved in the poisoning.

According to the oppositionist, a number of factors point to Putin’s involvement, but above all the fact that Novichok is unlikely to be available to anyone other than the special services.

Navalny came out of his coma a few weeks ago after he passed out on a domestic flight over Siberia in August. He was transported to Berlin for treatment, and German doctors claim he was poisoned by Novichok, a rare Russian nerve agent..

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